Puerto Vallarta Still Number One

Hi All, well as summer is coming to an end and fall is on our doorstep, most of us in Northern Hemisphere are hunkering down for a cold winter. Some of us of course will be either spending part of or most of the winter months in a warmer part of the planet like Puerto Vallarta or its neighbour Nuevo Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit.

I, like many snowbirds and/or migrating birds like to make my stays for 6 to 8 months per year. For this reason, in 1999 I purchased my first of 6 ocean and beachfront homes in the greater Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, and Riviera Nayarit areas

My wife and I love both the weather, the people and the location of Puerto Vallarta given that from our hometown (Vancouver, BC, Canada) we’re able to catch a direct flight there at pretty much any time of year.

Throughout the years we’ve spent most of our winters in those areas and as a result of both being on the buying and selling sides of the real estate market in the PV, Mexico area we feel we know a lot about the subject. As a result of the aforementioned I’d like to comment over a few places that still jump into my mind or as some potential buyers – owners might call them… properties and gated communities that have made the short list as my favorites.

In reality, my wife and I prefer beachfront front (or at least ocean view) properties since Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit or mostly attractive to vacation homeowners because of their closeness to the ocean-beach areas. If you want or prefer golf course properties you don’t need to be in the Puerto Vallarta area.

Here’s my picks and they go by both price, nearness to the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta, and closeness to the beach/city/airport of Puerto Vallarta.

  1. Bay View Grand… this is the Marina Vallarta area only 10 minutes from the Malecon in Downtown Puerto Vallarta. It sports a massive park area along with a huge beachfront swimming pool. Also a large full-size gym… walking distance to the Marina itself.  It has a large sandy beachfront area making a great buy.  One bedrooms go for about around 250,000 USD, 2 bedrooms for about $375,000 and 3 bedrooms for about $500,000.
  2. Porto Fino is also a great buy since it has similar features as Bay View Grand but is a little newer. The gym area, ocean-beach views are not quite as good as Bay View Grand but all in all it’s a great place.
  3. Grand Venetian is my number 3 pick since it’s built by the same constructor and is located beachfront and nearer to downtown than both Bay View Grand and Porto Fino.
  4. Punta Esmeralda is my number 4 pick because it’s a true beachfront community with lush gardens and some 238 homes and condos all slightly different.
  5. Luma… Luma is a little on the expensive side but given its location in Nuevo Vallarta and beachfront as well as it’s newness it truly is a wonderful option.
  6. Del Canto is my number 6 pick since it’s also a truly beachfront community, close to Nuevo Vallarta and very new.