7 Compelling Reasons To Buy Properties In Mexico

Mexico is already on the headlines for a few years for real estate investment, particularly in their vast tourist cities. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you must be living under a rock. But don’t worry we have brought to you the reasons why you must invest already if you have excess money lying around. The whole country is making most of its money from tourism and tourists and having a free trade policy, why wait?

Free Trade Policy

The country is favorable for investors from foreign nations. In fact, Mexico has a million US Americans living there already with citizenship. If you are not looking for citizenship but to buy a property in Mexico, that too is possible either through direct property deed or “fideicomiso” depending on the location of the property.

Better Money Value

If you are from any of Canada or the US you are favored the most. With dollar values reaching higher than ever conversion to Mexican Pesos, investing in Mexico must be a great bargain even compared to homeland tourist locations.

High Return of Investment

The Mexican government and the residents of Mexico have put in a huge effort to grow the tourist places of Mexico. Mexico has not seen a drop-in tourist’s number for over a decade now. With newer places turning tourist attraction like the Tulum, the return on investment is steadily high around the year. In tourist zones like Puerto Vallarta Real Estate, the ROI is easily above 10%. The ROI is usually constant around the year in most tourist place of Mexico around 8 – 14%, which is well above the share market or any other fancy investment medium.

Quality Lifestyle

Starting with modern infrastructure to support the ever-running tourism business with strong internet connections, security services, etc, it is a great place not just for investment, but also for settling down. Language is nothing to bother about if you are fluent with English as even the local Spanish people are well versed in English. Some international names like Walmart and Home Depot and food options from the west are also available everywhere making it fell like home particularly for North Americans.

Easy Visa

Visa into the country is a snap away for North Americans. For residents of other countries too, Mexico is welcoming with a temporary visa of about 6 months, which is why expats are common in Mexico. Wanting to be a resident you can easily convert into one after buying a real estate in Mexico. With this said it totally favors to those wanting to overwatch their rental properties in Mexico occasionally.

Absence of Depreciation

There is no factor leading to economic depreciation or economic breakdown in the calendar of events for Mexico. Not even in the farthest future. With tourists frequenting Mexico all around the year, you can be assured of at least 80% t0 90% days of booking on your property.

Unexplored Pats of Mexico: While most experts have been shouting out on Tulum as the booming place for Mexico real estate (which it is) there are other unexplored real estate gems in the same land.

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